Ethical sanctuaries are always in desperate need for volunteers.

Your contribution for volunteering goes directly to the sanctuaries. We do not receive any commission or rebates for our service. Therefore you know your payment is 100% going to your chosen sanctuary. Contact us with any enquiries about volunteering at Ethical Animal Sanctuaries or contact the sanctuary direct via the link below.

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One Ocean Diving         
One Ocean Diving is a free diving and snorkelling experience with marine life of Hawaii. They are the official sponsor of the not-for-profit shark and marine conservation group, ®WATER INSPIRED in association with Ocean Ramsey Your contribution goes to support the ongoing research programs covering shark biology and physiology and how it plays into their behaviour, body language, and responses to humans and equipment in close proximity. The information shared, learned, and the guided experience helps to reduce the risk of adverse shark-human interactions both inside and outside of the program. This is the best chance to see sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, and other big schools of fish. In water shark sightings guaranteed.
one ocean divingone ocean divingone ocean diving


wildlife bird sanctuary 
Centre Wildlife Care  is a wildlife rehabilitation facility that provides care to orphaned and injured wild animals until they can be released back into the wild.


Jaguar Rescue Center 
JAGUAR RESCUE CENTRE FOUNDATION: Please keep in mind that while volunteering with us is an exciting, life-changing experience, it is also a great responsibility. We take the care of our animals and volunteers very seriously, and lack of attention can seriously harm our animals. While you will love being around our animals, it is important to remember that their care and attention is your primary responsibility. Their little lives are in your hands.
Jaguar Rescue CenterJaguar Rescue CenterJaguar Rescue Center

At Projeto Mucky, the Eco Volunteer takes part in all activities related to the rescue and treatment of primates, partaking in a transformative and rewarding experience in which both sides are benefited, including:
·        Feeding the primates
·        Designing and setting up environmental and food enrichment
·        Updating the monkeys’ veterinary records
·        Aiding in the various therapies of the primates with disabilities
·        Organizing medical supplies and medications
·        Observing and taking notes of the primates’ behavior
·        Cleaning and housekeeping of the enclosures
And above all: treating every monkey with lots of love, care and attention!
The visitor will spend two weeks at Projeto Mucky, engaging in daily activities, and enjoy a field trip included in the package.
1st and 2nd weeks at Projeto Mucky and 3rd week at Recanto Ecológico Vale do Céu. In the first two weeks the Eco Volunteer will work at the Project. In the last week, the visitor will go on a trip to Vale do Céu, in the south of Minas Gerais, where many species of animals living in their natural habitat can be observed, as well as, the rich ecosystem of the region. Transportation to Vale do Céu, lodging and food are included.
What’s included:
·        Pick up and drop off from the Viracopos International Airport (Campinas – SP)
·        4 daily meals (breakfast – lunch – afternoon snack – dinner)
·        Full accommodation
·        Free brochure with relevant information
·        A field trip to Fazenda Limoeiro
·        Two working t-shirts Internet access 
projecto mucky projecto mucky primate volunteering projecto mucky monkey volunteering

merazonia sanctuary ecuador     
Merazonia are looking for volunteers at their rescue and rehabilitation centre for trafficked and abused Amazonian animals, in Mera, Ecuador, South America 

Volunteers are provided with:
3 meals a day.
Housing with comfortable beds, private bathrooms and hot water all day.
Free access to Wi-Fi.
A swimming pool (clean and well maintained).
Various communal areas in which to sit and socialise during free time.
The volunteer fee is $150 per week, with a reduction for longer stays.
The minimum stay is 2 weeks.  
volunteering at Zoorefugiovolunteering at Zoorefugiovolunteering at Zoorefugio

Volunteers only have to pay for their food expenses which cost 60Bs/night ($8US) with any additional funds providing a small pool of support for the project. The minimum duration is a one week stay.
ONCA santuary volunteeringONCA santuary volunteering

Iquitos Peru are currently looking for volunteers at their conservation park.

esperanza verde sanctuary       
Esperanza Verde (Amazon, Peru) We require volunteers to stay for at least 3 weeks, the benefits are so rewarding for yourself and the animals alike. For your stay at Esperanza Verde we ask 210 Nuevo Peruvian Sol (also payable in US Dollars) $65 US dollars per week, which covers food and lodging and includes a contribution for materials for the continued development of the centre. At the moment we mostly need money for building material. While you are here you can see directly where your money goes. We will invert everything you give, in the construction of the centre or in needs for the animals, food or medicine.

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) is looking to recruit a variety of positions to work at their Wildlife Custody Centres  * Parque Machia - between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz * Parque Ambue Ari - between Santa Cruz and Trinidad * Parque Jacj Cuisi - an hour outside of Rurrenabaque.
Communidad Inti Wara YassiCommunidad Inti Wara YassiCommunidad Inti Wara Yassi


Make a contribution to the welfare of bears and elephants in India.
Indian animal welfare volunteering

free the bears


  • 08.00 Pick up from Joma Cafe, corner of Norodom and Street 294
  • 09.00 Arrive at the wildlife rescue centre and receive an educational presentation about Free the Bears and our work
  • 10:00 Join the Education Team on a tour of the bear sanctuary
  • 11.00 Help the Bear Care Team prepare enrichment toys and special treats for the bears
  • 12.00 Traditional Khmer lunch (vegetarians catered for) and a bit of time to rest and relax
  • 13.00 Tour of more fascinating wildlife at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
  • 15:00 Help the keepers hide food in the bear’s forest enclosures and watch them enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • 16.00 Leave the centre to return to Phnom Penh by 17.30

Get in touch now to book a trip - or call: +855 (0)92 434 597
At only $90 per person, participant fees include return transportation from Phnom Penh to the sanctuary, park entrance fees, lunch, guided tour, and an official t-shirt and sports bottle. All profits support the care of rescued bears in Cambodia.
PLEASE NOTE: direct contact with the bears is not possible under any circumstances - these are rescued wild animals & we want them to enjoy as natural a life as possible. Participants should also bring closed footwear, sunscreen & suitable clothing for a day in the forest.

free the bears bear sanctuary

volunteering in the Maldives
Volunteering with MWSRP is a life-changing experience. Our programme offers you the opportunity to gets hands-on with the research and data collection, increase your knowledge on marine conservation, learn about local Maldivian culture, and have a great time doing it. We look for enthusiastic people with a love of nature who are not afraid of hard work on their holidays!
maldives whale shark research program whale shark research volunteering volunteering in whale shark research

At Save Vietnam’s Wildlife you will play a part in the rescue and rehabilitation of confiscated carnivores and pangolins from the illegal hunting and wildlife trade.
save vietname wildlife vietnam wildcare volunteering vietnam animal welfare volunteering

What are the guest rates? The fee per guest per night is 5,000 baht (all inclusive, excluding alcoholic beverages) and includes pick-up and drop-off from Ultraditt bus/train stations and Sukhothai airport, all meals, including meals at local restaurants, internet access, laundry service, unlimited elephant time and lots of fun and laughter!
volunteering at BLESvolunteering at BLESvolunteering at BLESvolunteering at BLESvolunteering at BLESvolunteering at BLES

SLWCS Elephant Conservation Society
Sri Lanka Elephant ConservationSri Lanka Elephant ConservationSri Lanka Elephant Conservation

The attached fees have been given to us from SLWCS. You can liaise directly with SLWCS on programs of interest.
The volunteer program is open to anyone and everyone with an interest and passion for wildlife, nature, adventures and most importantly committed to contributing in meaningful ways to save the incredible diversity of the world.  So far our youngest volunteer has been 5 years old and the oldest has been 72 years old.

The fees for the volunteer program are:
One week: US$700
Two weeks: US$900
Three weeks: US$1,200
One month: US$1,400
For more than one month please inquire for rates.  We will assist with getting the visa extended.
The fees include:
Pick-up and drop off from hotel (volunteers must spend the 1st night in Colombo. Not included in the fees)
Project transportation
All meals and refreshments
Full accommodation
Orientation and briefings
Guidance and training
Field Programs
The following are the responsibilities of the volunteers and they are not included in the cost:
Flight to and from the destination airport and visa fees
Comprehensive Medical and Travel Insurance
Bring whatever equipment needed for research work if volunteer or intern intends to do an independent project
Spending money for personal purchases, evening socializing, and pre and post project travel
Expenses of a personal nature (soap, laundry, snacks etc)

BSBCCbornea sunbear sanctuarysunbear conservation
Ever wanted to be part of a sun bear conservation team while exploring the wonders of the Borneo wildlife? Come join us and volunteer in Borneo with the sun bears! Borneo is famous for its wildlife diversity and celebrates many endemic species. Sun bears, the smallest species of bear, are only found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and here at the sun bear conservation centre in Sepilok, Borneo, we rescue sun bears and work to rehabilitate them to the wild.

Faridabad people for animals India PFA Faridabad people for animals
Volunteers who are willing to work at the shelter or for the shelter as welcome.


Twala Trust African Wildlife Sanctuary

twala trust animal sanctuary  twala trust animal sanctuary  twala trust animal sanctuary 
The Twala Trust runs a small and unique volunteer programme, ideally suited to veterinary students and others.

Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary 
Volunteering at Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary
kevin richardson sanctuary volunteering  kevin richardson sanctuary volunteering kevin richardson sanctuary volunteering  kevin richardson sanctuary volunteering

For Lilongwe Wildlife Centre Volunteer Programs click here
Lilongwe Wildlife CentreAfrican Wildlife SanctuaryLion Sanctuary Lilongwe

 Elephant Orphanage Project - Game Rangers International  
Game Rangers International volunteering projects for the conservation of the wildlife, the environment and the communities of Zambia.
Wild Zambia Elephant FoundationZambia Elephant ConservationWild Zambia Volunteering Programs

 Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary 
For Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary Volunteer Programs click here

wild cats africa 
WCW mainly supports organisations and projects benefiting the wild population of all wild cat species around the world by raising awareness, sponsoring and educational work. Besides this the current WCW projects are:

The one "captive" project (Spotted Cats Conservation) in South Africa (securing a safe place for captive born but also rescued and endangered ambassador cats, native to South Africa). Species: Leopards, Cheetahs, Caracals, Servals, African wildcats, Black-footed cats. No interaction by tourists/volunteers or other guests with our ambassadors allowed. No walks or other exploit. Volunteers are welcome (few at a time) to get the ultimate Africa experience! The rare future breeding at this project is done in a responsible way with a justified mission.

The rescue and release project for the Javan Leopard supporting Wanicare Foundation and Cikananga Wildlife Centre, Java/Indonesia.

The Madame-X-Canned Hunting Project supporting celeb Madame X who invested millions to give lions rescued from the Hunting list a free ranging life on 100 HA land (more land and rescues to come).

The Black-footed Cat Project S.A. to contribute to this endangered species (smallest cat of S.A.) by giving a home to injured BFC from the wild, giving education and raising awareness for the species and by trying to breed as this is essential for this species but very hard and also in captivity there are hardly any black-footed cats left to secure the bloodline.

A project for the Pallas Cat is in progress.

For all projects we are relying on kind donations and sponsoring of wild cats enthusiasts around the world and volunteers of the SCC project S.A. Most investments are done by the founder and owners of the foundation (WCW) itself though, stating the ultimate love and commitment for these cats and species!

wild cats worldwild cats worldwild cats world

vervet monkey sanctuary 
Special Volunteering offer - Internships with a University at the Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa from April to Dec 2015 We are currently offering 15% off the volunteering fee for all internships for 2015 from a min of 4 weeks if you quote the code VMF STUDENT 2015 in your e-mail. Friends or family of previous volunteers - we are currently offering 10% off the volunteering fee to all friends of previous volunteers for 2015. The volunteer must state the friend's name in their e-mail to get the 10% or you can contact us on behalf of your friend. Vegfest Bristol, UK attendees - we are offering 25% off to any volunteer who signs up at the VMF stand at Vegfest Bristol, UK this year on 23rd & 24th May. Current volunteering fees including cabin accommodation and all meals is R9500 for 4 weeks (£525, $780, 725 Euros). A 3 month stay is R20,250 (£1120, 1555 Euros, $1670) (excluding travel and above discounts). For other lengths of stay please email
vervet monkey foundationvervet monkey foundationvervet monkey foundation

karoo wildlife centre 
CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting) has just purchased property which will be known as  Karoo Wildlife Centre. CACH will be taking occupation in August 2015, and will be open to volunteer requests from that time onwards. At this point we are waiting approval from Nature Conservation authorities to assess the centre and given us permits to look after and release wildlife, there will be no animals to care for at the Centre until permits are in place. Until that time, we will be building the infrastructure and other preparatory work.  Updates via our newsletter will appear every month please view here


Eco Reserve Spain
If you want to be part of the list of volunteers of EcoReserva, click on the link. Once submitted correctly, you will be transferred directly to our volunteer database. Some data are mandatory and necessary so that we can contact you. In the field Observations (optional) you can indicate in which project/s you are especially interested in participating, or any other information that you consider interesting about your volunteering. Do not hesitate, you will be contributing to improve our environment and learn from the hand of real professionals. These and many others are the advantages of becoming "EcoVoluntario".
Entry Fees

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